Registered Homeopath James Lawrence MARH RHom

Based in Enfield and North London areas


Homeopathy is a growing complementary therapy that has over 200 years of history. Many people have benefitted from seeking homeopathic treatment, in fact there are an estimated 6million+ users of Homeopathy in the UK.

The Homeopath

As a Homeopath I look at the client in detail from the first consultation, this lasts anything between 1.5 to 2 hours. This initial stage gives the Homeopath a good overall view of the client that starts off a gradual unraveling and understanding of the underlying issues.

The homeopath will suggest a remedy, potency and  how often to take the remedies. Over the following few weeks the remedies should stimulate some action. The follow up sessions will lead to further investigation and progression of any ongoing issues.

Benefits & Uses for Homeopathy

Allergies – Anxiety – Hay Fever – Itching Skin – PMS & Period Pains- Trauma -Cold Sores – Muscle Aches – Bruising – Accidents – Colds & Flu – Menstrual Pains -Frozen Shoulder -Eczema – CFS – Injuries – Stiff Joints – Stress – Tennis Elbow – Past Mental Trauma – Hemorrhoids – Auto-Immune system – Piles – Worms- Toxin Clearing – Weight – Grief & Loss – Acne – Hives – Anger – Workaholics – Fear – Fibromyalgia – Head aches – MS – PMS – Arthritis – Blood Pressure – Panic Attacks  and much more.

Initial Consultations

Homeopathic Consultations vary from person to person and each case is treated individually and uniquely. Homeopathy can hone in on physical ailments, toxin drainage, mental states, allergies or emotional issues and has benefitted millions of people across the globe.

Feel free to call and have a free of charge, informal chat to discuss if you would like to find out more before committing to a full consultation.


Adults : £75 initial appointment (Approx 1.5 to 2 hours)
thereafter £60 all following appointments (Approx 1 hour).
Children : £60 initial appointment
thereafter £50 all following appointments.

Appointment Price Includes Two Bottles of Remedies

Consultations at Keats Health,
18A London Rd, (on Genotin Terrace) Enfield EN2 6EB

Look out for First Consultation Special Offers in 2019

Basic Facts

There are 6 million+ UK users and over 200+ million Worldwide users who take Homeopathy to benefit mental, emotional and physical health. 

It is well documented that many famous and well know people have used and support Homeopathy and with over 200 years of history there is strong evidence that Homeopathy is beneficial to one’s health, effecting a variety of physical, mental and emotional states.

Introduction to homoeopathy

The following is an extract from Traveling Homeopathic Collective.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that has existed in its present form for over two hundred years but which has its roots in more ancient ideas.

It respects the efforts that the body makes to counter disease and instead of fighting these efforts it offers support and encouragement. It does this by matching the remedy’s effect to the actions that the body is already taking through the symptoms of the disease.

Homeopaths have available several thousand remedies whose actions have been observed through clinical practice and through provings, in which healthy volunteers take the remedies and carefully observe the effects of them.

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