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Remedy Green: Homeopathy

The remedy Green is related to the heart.
Just think of the sun energy that transfers to the plants to create sustenance for the ripe green leaves. The Heart of inner nature.

When applied at a specific potency, it will metaphorically place the sun behind you to a degree where the shadow can be seen before you.

Once you witness the shadow, or it rises from the subconscious, you can observe and deal with it accordingly.

With this powerful remedy, it is important to seek a skilled and qualified Homeopath to guide you through the process of the subconscious findings. This enables the person to take on any issues at a steady pace through the process of unfoldment.

The remedy Green is also related to self loss, abandonment and lack of self worth. It is the manifestation of the Suns sustenance and nurturing energy in nature.

Alway seek a Homeopath that is right for you, there are many and we are growing year on year.

The Great Bodhidharma, Chi Kung (Qigong) and Yoga

In  Chi Kung & Yoga the philosophy, methodology and results are similar, in that they managing energy and spirit for health, vitality, longevity and enhance spiritual development.

Although there is no concrete evidence, it is strongly believe that the Eighteen Lohan Hands taught by the Great Bodhidharma were from yoga and that the Bodhidharma modified some of Lohan exercises to suit the needs of the Shaolin monks.

In the 18 Lohan Art exercises, particularly in the Eight Pieces of Brocades, we can see the close similarities of Hatha Yoga in these Lohan Arts.

From the 18 Lohan Arts, we later see the development of the 18 Lohan Hands. Currently these 18 Lohan hands and Hatha Yoga have similar functions that encourage health & vitality, what then follows is energy control and at the highest degree one would strive to liberate spirit.

Chi Kung (Qigong) literally means Energy Art or the Art of developing energy, the Indians call it ‘Yoga’, the Tibetans ‘Wisdom Art’ and the Ancient Greeks & Egyptians, ’The Mystery Art’.

There are three degrees of classification;

-The basic level deals with, good health, vitality and longevity.

-The middle level deals with, internal force & mental clarity for peak performance

-The highest level deals with, Spiritual cultivation, expansion into the Cosmos and unity with Brahma, God, the Holy Spirit. Great Spirit, the Void etc.

Genuine Chi Kung is not a gentle physical exercise that only works on physical form, it integrates in practice energy and mind. Gentle physical exercise only works at the physical level that has some uses for bones, circulation, muscles and joints.

Many people today think that they practice Chi Kung when actually they only practice gentle physical exercise. We may get better benefits if we go for a swim, cycle or even jog once a day. Triple cultivation or Genuine Chi Kung will enhance not just the physical benefits for great health, vitality and mind clarity, it will also encourage cultivation of the spirit.

With the right information, you can attain in six months what uninformed students would not attain in many years.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Hindu Quote
“The secret of immortality is to be found in purification of the heart, in meditation, in realization of the identity of the self within and Cosmic Reality without. For immortality is union with Cosmic Reality.”