Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung (Qigong)  for long term Health, Happiness & Vitality

Shaolin Wahnam Cosmos Chi Kung is Simple to learn, yet yields Remarkable results.
ith 15 minutes of daily practice you will achieve benefits that go well beyond the regular practice of Chi Kung gentle exercise. 

In the weekly classes you will learn specific skills and techniques to gain the greater depth of benefits that enhance, Health, Happiness, Vitality and Clarity of Mind.

February 2020 Classes

Qigong and the 18 Jewels
Balanced Mind

Enfield Class starts Tuesday 4th February and finishes 28th April. Please note there is a 1 week break on the 14th April

Genuine Aims & Purposes for Practicing Triple Cultivation Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung (Qigong)

Learn Simple Skills & Techniques to get self-manifested Chi Flow to;
-Manage Stress and Anxiety
-Tonify & detox Skin & Internal Organs
-Manage High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia Allergies, Anger & Frustration.
-Energise and Enhance vitality
-Build & Strengthen Immune system
-Enhance physical Relaxation & Mental Alertness
Also Useful for;
-Inner Peace, Calm, Confidence & Self Esteem
-Sporting Activities & Active Lifestyles
-Everyday time management & organisation
-Cultivation of Spirit regardless of Race, Religion or culture

Look out for Flyers for more info on Talks, Dates & Venue

How much are the Fees for the Courses?

New beginners 12 week discount £180 normally £360

Money back Guarantee if I don’t deliver during the first 12 Week course.

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From March 2020 the £180 discounted price will no longer be available.

Alternatively you can call or email James if you are interested in
receiving any info or updates for future talks or classes

From The 18 Lohan Hands

For Students who want to pay via PayPal, click below link. 

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The £180 below fee is the 50% discounted price for the New Beginners Class in February 2020.
Select the drop down for the Full £360 class payment.

Course Fees

Enfield Course Venue

Free Parking Available

Buses :
Closest : 192 & W8

Nearest Station
Bush Hill Park

Raglan School, Raglan Entrance: 
Bush Hill Park, Raglan Rd, Enfield EN1 2NS

Servicing the Surrounding Areas of;
Barney, Enfield, Finchley, Grange Park, Winchmore Hill, Crouch Hill & Muswell Hill
EN5, N2, N3, N8, N9, N10, N12, N14, & N21

Other access areas in Enfield, Barnet, Finchley. Muswell Hill, Crouch end, Wood Green, Harringay and Alexander Palace.

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