Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Personal Therapy Session

All personal sessions vary according to each individual needs. They can work on any level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The typical duration usually last between 30-60 minutes. Often when a short session is experienced it doesn’t mean that you get less. It could be you are more open to the healing that speeds up the process or you can only receive a certain amount of healing at that time.

It’s important that if going into deep relaxation, meditation or sleep, you should be wary when standing too quickly. Often you may not realise the depth of the healing session until minutes or hours later. Some people experience changes immediately and others open slowly over a period of days and weeks.

Often a sense of journeying and soul retrieval can be experienced. Lightness, happiness, deep sleep & relaxation, release, detox, self awareness and other benefits often occur.

Price : £100 per session

Testimonies Shamanic Healing

When I walked into the room where James was going to treat me, I really didn’t know what to expect. He asked me what area of my life needed healing. I told him I wanted to improve my relationships, be less inhibited and more spontaneous.

I lay down and James started work. I felt very relaxed and allowed my mind to wander, without actively thinking about anything much. I just let James get on with his work and, although I was open to the process, I wasn’t sure whether it was having any great effect. After about an hour, I guess, James had finished and asked me to slowly come into a sitting position. Maybe I got up too quickly, or maybe I went a lot deeper than I realised during the treatment, but when I sat up and opened my eyes I felt as if I had left my body on the floor!
After checking I was alright, James and I parted company, but I didn’t walk out of the room, I floated!
For the rest of the day I felt utterly relaxed and ‘in my body’, like a big weight had been lifted and all that was left was this beautiful version of ‘me’. This feeling took a long time to fade and now, several weeks later, I can still feel the effects of that day. My relationships have improved dramatically. I have found that, because I am more comfortable with and sure of who I am, I am less inhibited and am attracting more like-minded people as friends. As my confidence grows I can more certainly make decisions about my life and what I want, and perhaps more importantly, what I don’t want! This shift in outlook has allowed me to make some necessary changes to the way I live and to explore some of my more radical ideas!!

Thank you James

Sara Haithwaite : One World Festival August 2009

I had a bad fall and was suffering from bad back pain for nearly 2 months. After just one short session with James I started to notice improvements.
A few days later my back felt much better and I was able to start swimming again. Now I am back in the gym and have no back problems.

Thanks James.