Talk about Transpersonal Therapies

On Transpersonal Therapies

Is a form of council that can bring subconscious issues to the doorway of consciousness!

When certain events are stuck in your past and embedded in the subconscious often they are deep forgotten issues that may be affecting your life unknowingly on a daily basis.

When aware of the effects of specific events or traumas you can then learn to change your life and eventually be at ease from any negative or ill effects.

It is possible to experience several subconscious events and be able to see them clearly, once aware of the patterns you will then be able to understand yourself and with a new way of thinking it can guide you to make more conscious and positive life changes.

The Holistic Transpersonal Approach

I use a Holistic Transpersonal approach when treating clients, the two main modalities used with this approach are Talking Stick Ceremony & Homeopathy.

One of the keys is to listen and make a space for you to express and explore in an environment that makes you feel at ease.

Sometimes I will direct specific questions for your thoughts to surface, this then allows you the space to express and explore those thoughts.

With Homeopathic cases you will be given relevant remedies to deal with the thoughts as and when they surface.

Progress with mental health takes time.
Some people deal with mental pathology a lot quicker than others, it mainly depends on how you deal with the unravelling of the thoughts and how much it is effecting you current situation.

Quite often people don’t realise what the pending issue or root cause is. It then becomes a process of peeling back layers before getting to the root cause.  Patience is a key factor when dealing with Mental isuues.

Testimony Transpersonal Therapy

I remember it as a very special experience, an enlightening moment during a lunch break.It was one of those moments that you see when something is changing, something is moving, and unfolding; when you understand something more of yourself that maybe you already knew, but thanks to that special moment it happened to become clear and real in front of you. I had some plans in mind and wanted to share them. Then gradually and in a comfortable situation, we started going deeply into the conversation then something happened, we where entering in a kind of connection where James started asking me questions softly and kindly about my past and I was answering, he said I had the answers within me and guided me within myself, and I started giving me the answers. E very time I remembered something from the past, replying to a particular question, I felt I was going into a sensitive area, I felt tears in my eyes, I even cried a bit. I felt my issues melting and I saw them clearly in front of me. it was such a revealing time.

What I said I might have already known for a long time, but only at that particular time, only that Friday lunch, I can say that I have seen it clearly and completely as it is. James was great in guiding me, asking me the right questions and being sensitive to understand the right time to ask, to wait and to start the whole process. It felt like I was in a therapy session, I felt the same kind of comfort and in a safety zone. He has definitely a kind of sensitivity that distinguishes him as a great healer. That day was a turning point for me and I can only thank James for his special gift and his generosity in helping me finding my answers.

Thanks James