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Shaolin Wahnam Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and The Immortal Zhang San Feng

By learning Shaolin Wahnam Taijiquan as Triple cultivation you will gain the great benefits of good health, happiness, vitality, mental clarity and become proficient in combat.

What do we mean by the term triple cultivation? What this means is, the Taijiquan that you learn will be broken down into several elements.

The Immortal Zhang-San-Feng
The Immortal Zhang San Feng

For example you will learn the physical form for self defence skills.

Secondly you will utilise the mind aspect that integrates Qigong (Chi Kung) into your practice for enhanced focus and mental clarity.

And Lastly you will learn the Yin and Yang principles that is the essence of Taijiquan.

Learning the Yin and Yang Principles means to Learn the Hard and Soft aspects of this Art as it was traditionally passed down from the past masters. To learn proficiency only the Soft means to miss half of the Essence of Taijiquan. Hence Traditional Taijiquan is also named Wudang Kung Fu.

Here at The Shaolin Wahnam School we recognise The Immortal Zhang San Feng as the first patriarch of the Internal Arts combining Physical Form, Energy and Mind into one.
This form of triple cultivation is what we teach. Over time much of what is practice now is considered Tai Chi Dance, at our school we do our best to keep it as close as possible to the past masters traditional teachings.

Benefits of Taijiquan

With 15 minutes of daily practice, you can attain the great benefits of good health, happiness, vitality, and mental clarity. You will also learn principles that can add to your personal Spiritual Cultivation regardless of culture, race or religion.

As Taijiquan is a training of body, energy and mind (triple cultivation), we know Imbalance in one or more of these leads to sickness either physically or mentally.

Learning Tai Chi Chuan has many great benefits beside the above mentioned. We teach our Students Chi Kung as part of out Tai Chi Chuan practice.

By integrating Chi Kung practice this enables us to get a deeper understanding of this Art enabling you to enhance your everyday life so you can, be more relaxed and manage stress, be more confident, increase your general health, strengthen the immune system, nourish the internal organs, experience self manifested chi flow, feel fresh and energised, be proficient in combat application,

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Please register your deatails and interest by filing out one of the forms at Shaoin Wahnam. Sifu James Lawrence will reply as soon as he can.

Shaolin Wahnam Taijiquan Course Content

Regular Classes Content Level 1 – The Fundamentals of Taijiquan

Form: Stances. Fundamental footwork and basic Taijiquan forms.

Taijiquan techniques to overcome simple combat situations.

Wuji Stance, Lifting Water, Three-Circle Stance, and Grasping Sparrow’s Tail, Leg Stretching

Dimensions, aims and brief history..


* From Wuji to Taiji, and back to Wuji.
* Movement from the waist.
* Differentiating between yin and yang.
* One-pointed mind and energy flow.
* Basic Taijiquan patterns.
* Internal force training.

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How to get to the Classes

Top Floor of the Study Society Building: 
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Buses :
Numbers 9, 23, 27, 28 & 391

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Tai Chi Chuan classes with Sifu James - Barons Court London W14 9DA
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