On Mental Health - A Hidden Story

Mental Health a misunderstanding

Mental health in many cases can be misunderstood and extremely hidden from ones view. A personality imbalance may appear normal to most people and some extremes are obvious.

With Mental imbalances it can be difficult to deal with the negative thoughts in the mind, this could mean that you have constant bombardment of those negative thoughts that are making you feel bad, heavy, stressed, ashamed, guilty, arrogant, depressed, hard done by, let down, grieved, anxious, uncertain, shy, possessive, panicked, hungry, psychotic, hysterical and the list goes on.

More common than you think

Most people at some time have Mental imbalanced states at different periods of their lives, and experience it in a manner of different ways. As a Shamanic Homeopath I focus mainly at the thought processes and utilise a transpersonal approach with Homeopathy to view and change habitual patterns & root cause disturbances.

The Family dynamic

I know many people from all walks of life that are suffering in silence as the internal emotion build up can be crippling and in some cases devastating. It can become an emotional roller coaster of highs, lows and confusion to one’s family life that leads to inner questions of stability, guilt, fear and uncertainty.

Mental Health doesn’t just effect those with chronic symptoms it also effects those around them. When someone close is in a chronic cycle or experiencing and ongoing mental imbalanced state, it maybe you as well as your family member that needs the added support.

Homeopathic Consultation

I’m working with you to address anything that you want to discuss. All appointments are completely confidential.
The Initial session lasts anything between 90 to 120 minutes. This gives me an overall view that starts off a gradual unraveling and understanding of the you the client.

Chi Kung Consultation

A simple and direct way for you to use the Chi Kung art that gets you to relax into a gentle meditative state or Chi Kung state of mind. I then pass on high level skill for you to practice on a regular basis. Consultations last 30-60mins.

Where are you at?

Are you prepared to make the effort and commitment to yourself?
If there’s something that you would like to discuss, you are welcome to call and have a friendly informal chat to discuss before a consultation.

There is much truth in the saying of the great mystic masters that, What our mind can believe, we can achieve.

Above excerpt taken from Wong Kiew Kit’s book
Chi Kung for Health and Vitality


Prices for Full Homeopathic Appointments*

Adults : £75 initial appointment (Approx 1.5 to 2 hours)
thereafter £60 all following appointments (Approx 1 hour).
Children : £55 initial appointment
thereafter £45 all following appointments.
Appointment Price Includes two bottles of Remedies

Chi Kung Therapy Sessions
For short and long term Chi Kung Therapies please call for details


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