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Qigong Student Testimonials

Marta  – Aug 2019
I’d never tried anything like Chi Kung before but after attending the free introductory talk I was very motivated to start. The exercises are enjoyable and gentle and taught stage by stage in bite size pieces making it very easy to learn. The teacher, James encourages questions and is very patient and attentive to all the students. The atmosphere is very inviting and friendly which is really important to me. There’s lots of supporting material sent to you after each lesson, for example, videos and emails, so that you can practice what you learn in your own time. I’ve practised for 10-15 minutes every day at home and the benefits to my health and wellbeing are gradual but very noticeable. It’s helped me to clear my mind of runaway thoughts, helped me relax and become better at handling stress. The relaxation/meditation techniques taught can be applied in everyday life, like when you are in the office or on a crowded tube, where nobody would know what you are doing and it helps me nip anxiety in the bud before it builds up. What I like about this school is that we’re not just taught Chi Kung movements but also other skills and techniques for physical, mental and emotional relaxation which all comes together to encourage the natural flow of chi energy around the body that ultimately is essential for good health.

Selma Crawley – 2019
Just completed the 12 week beginners Chi Kung course. James is an excellent teacher – kind, clear & patient as well as a very experienced practitioner of Qigong. He was always happy to answer questions and review patterns. I feel I gained a solid grounding over the 3 months that have allowed me to practise confidently at home.

Soraia – 2019
The course was great and delivered at a good pace to the group. I enjoyed the fact that we go from stillness to physical form then to stillness again. This made it easier for me to learn to be more mindful and achieve a meditative state.

K Per – 2019
Chi Kung is such a powerful art and this class is so thorough. The exercises coupled with the way in which they were taught gave me such a deeper understanding of how Chi Kung can help day to day life. For me it was clearing my mind of thought which helped calm me when I was feeling anxious and also when pain was keeping me awake. Sifu James explains it all with such detail and patience. The health benefits were obvious. Would highly recommend this this class. Excellent teaching. Thank you ☺

Denise Vallance – 2019
At 65 and no spring chicken I needed something which was not too hard going on the body and this was perfect. Great beginners course and I have signed up for the new course in September. Instructions geared to individual progress and not rushed. Very easy to follow instructions both at lessons and when doing it at home. Benefited physically and mentally. All done at my own pace. So much more to learn and enjoy.

Dev – 2019
An excellent introduction to this chinese art form. Sifu James is an Instructor that will share his many years of experience with you in a heartbeat. I found the techniques very calming and the exercises (forms) aren’t overly strenuous no matter your physical conditioning. If learning how to calm your mind, relax your body and be at one with yourself have become priorities for you in an age of fast food, rush hours and digital overload, I really recommend this course.

Hus H – 2019
Fantastic teaching – very detailed, accessible and patientiently delivered. I particularly enjoyed all the background info on the history and the health benefits of chikung, and why the methods used in this school are so well suited to health and longevity in modern times. A very gentle pace that even my grandmother could do, but don’t be fooled, the skills acquired are amazingly potent with regular practice. Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable – have already recommended to others.

Mr S Hussain – 2019
Since learning the very basics of Chi Kung from James I have been surprised by the results as I was initially very sceptical about the power of Chi.

James very patiently taught me the steps of a Chi Kung practice called ‘lifting the sky’ and i am addicted to the move now performing this twice a day and the results are a vitality I never had before. I sleep more deeply and I had stiff joints around my elbows which are now gone. I’m certain these steps taught by James have caused these great results. I am very grateful to Chi and James .

Homeopathic Testimonials

I found James Lawrence through a recommendation from my boyfriend.  I have suffered with asthma since childhood and a wide variety of other minor niggling symptoms which seemed unconnected at the time but since discovered were all very relevant.  I didn’t feel I was getting anything from my GP other than a hurried consultation and drugs for symptom relief which is why I sought out a homeopath.  I talked at great length about a wide range of topics with James, not just my health problem but also my emotional wellbeing, my environment, stressors in my life, past history, treatments and surgeries I’ve had etc.  I felt the initial conversation with James was like a breath of fresh air and he was very observant to notice things about me that even I’d failed to realise over the years!  He prescribed remedies for me which we had to tweak over time and I’ve seen amazing improvement with my symptoms. I can’t recommend him enough! He’s completely down to earth and easy to talk to.  On my very first phone call to him, I remember coming away from the conversation feeling as though this was the first time ever that a health professional had really understood me and didn’t just sweep my niggling minor symptoms under the carpet!         

MC (Miss) N. London

Talking Stick Ceremony Testimonials

I’ve just come back from a truly wonderful and inspiring community healing experience, which all came from a Talking Stick ceremony hosted by James. James is a softly spoken healer, a medicine man of high integrity, insight and compassion. James’s Talking Stick ceremony is simple and effective. Whilst everyone sits in a circle, participants pass the ‘stick’ in a clockwise direction, speaking only whilst holding the ‘stick.’ James created the perfect setting for us; a safe, strong, nurturing space for everyone to open and connect in trust together. And with each round of the ‘stick’ the experience of going deeper felt stronger and stronger. James’s ceremony is suited to individuals, couples and groups and provides a wonderful means of healing, letting go of fear and opening within to a richer inner life of peace, love and happiness. I’ll be at the next talking stick ceremony in Chigwell, and I hope you can join us too.

Bear L  (December 2016) 

To say that I was a reluctant attendee of the ‘Talking Stick Ceremony’ would be an understatement. I didn’t quite see how it would help me, and not being particularly in touch with my spiritual side or one to open up in front of other people I felt that it might not be for me. How wrong could I have been! I ultimately was persuaded to go because the organiser, James, is someone whose opinion I have utmost respect for  especially in his capacity as a complementary medicine practitioner, so on the basis of that I thought I’d ‘give it a whirl’.

I found the event unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. The ceremony was conducted in an authentic manner which set the stage for an open forum where topics are discussed on all manner of subjects chosen by the person leading the Ceremony.

The effect is hard to explain but suddenly you find yourself opening up and examining subjects in a new way and the inhibitions of talking to a group of strangers suddenly melts away and the process of healing and resolving occurs very subtly, especially when the subject strikes a common chord with several members of the group who contribute thoughts and ideas that almost feel like a stranger is articulating your own feelings ! You find yourself opening up in ways that you might never have thought possible as the environment feels safe and non-judgemental. In short, I found it a surprisingly wonderful experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to seize the opportunity to attend a Talking Stick Ceremony.

I Hussain (2013)

The talking stick ceremony is a wonderful simple, soulful experience….It mixes ancient tradition with modern materials and creates a safe, warm, loving atmosphere….it allows you to listen intently and speak with feeling, in the knowledge that you will not be interrupted, and therefore only expression is created, not debate.

Also, the freedom to choose NOT to speak on a particular subject is greatly honored, should you wish not to.
The greatest thing that the ceremony taught me, was the fact that I thought I was a good listener, but now I truly know what it is to listen, rather than “wait to speak”.

Dave Binder One World Festival 2011

Transpersonal Therapy Testimonials

I remember it as a very special experience, an enlightening moment during a lunch break. It was one of those moments that you see when something is changing, something is moving, and unfolding; when you understand something more of yourself that maybe you already knew, but thanks to that special moment it happened to become clear and real in front of you. I had some plans in mind and wanted to share them. Then gradually and in a comfortable situation, we started going deeply into the conversation then something happened, we where entering in a kind of connection where James started asking me questions softly and kindly about my past and I was answering, he said I had the answers within me and guided me within myself, and I started giving me the answers. E very time I remembered something from the past, replying to a particular question, I felt I was going into a sensitive area, I felt tears in my eyes, I even cried a bit. I felt my issues melting and I saw them clearly in front of me. it was such a revealing time.

What I said I might have already known for a long time, but only at that particular time, only that Friday lunch, I can say that I have seen it clearly and completely as it is. James was great in guiding me, asking me the right questions and being sensitive to understand the right time to ask, to wait and to start the whole process. It felt like I was in a therapy session, I felt the same kind of comfort and in a safety zone. He has definitely a kind of sensitivity that distinguishes him as a great healer. That day was a turning point for me and I can only thank James for his special gift and his generosity in helping me finding my answers.

Thanks James

Cinzia C

Shamanic Healing Testimonials

When I walked into the room where James was going to treat me, I really didn’t know what to expect.

He asked me what area of my life needed healing. I told him I wanted to improve my relationships, be less inhibited and more spontaneous.

I lay down and James started work. I felt very relaxed and allowed my mind to wander, without actively thinking about anything much. I just let James get on with his work and, although I was open to the process, I wasn’t sure whether it was having any great effect. After about an hour, I guess, James had finished and asked me to slowly come into a sitting position. Maybe I got up too quickly, or maybe I went a lot deeper than I realised during the treatment, but when I sat up and opened my eyes I felt as if I had left my body on the floor!

After checking I was alright, James and I parted company, but I didn’t walk out of the room, I floated!

For the rest of the day I felt utterly relaxed and ‘in my body’, like a big weight had been lifted and all that was left was this beautiful version of ‘me’. This feeling took a long time to fade and now, several weeks later, I can still feel the effects of that day. My relationships have improved dramatically. I have found that, because I am more comfortable with and sure of who I am, I am less inhibited and am attracting more like-minded people as friends. As my confidence grows I can more certainly make decisions about my life and what I want, and perhaps more importantly, what I don’t want! This shift in outlook has allowed me to make some necessary changes to the way I live and to explore some of my more radical ideas!!

Thank you James

Sara Haithwaite : One World Festival August 2009

I had a bad fall and was suffering from bad back pain for nearly 2 months. After just one short session with James I started to notice improvements. A few days later my back felt much better and I was able to start swimming again. Now I am back in the gym and have no back problems.

Thanks James.

Calum J

The first treatment I had I could feel the energy flowing down my right side from shoulder to foot. Normally this area is blocked due to liver problems. The next day I had the strength to resist my eating issues as I felt whole and happy.

During the second treatment I went into a deep journey where I felt the presence of one of James Aborigine guides and throughout the day and evening I could still fell this connection. Whilst walking my dogs I ran with them in a way I have never run before, I felt as if I was full of power that was bouncing me along. I have tried many methods of healing and this has proved to be one of the most effective and responsive treatments I have had and I look forward to my next one whole heartedly!

Tessa Wason-Brown,
Reiki Master and Spirit Healer

Earth Dance Spirit Dance Testimonials

I have never done a workshop like this before and did not know what to expect. Dancing with myself, with my fears and desires was a very different experience. It was freeing not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It was transformative on all levels. The workshop gave me the opportunity to go deep inside myself and allow my bones and joints to move with a sense of ease and freedom that I don’t recall ever feeling. My body was free of everything, my mind was free of everything it was like being in space! I left feeling light and incredibly happy and could not stop smiling. All my fears seemed to have faded away. Thanks James! Truly profound experience!


 Ancestral Journey Testimonials

I experienced the ancestor’s journey not knowing what it would really be about. I tend to be open to options and saw a possibly interesting side to it. During the journey interesting  turned into deep and significant . I don’t exactly know what happened there. As far as I am concerned it could have been me getting in touch with my ancestors’ spirits or me getting in touch with deep parts of my mind I didn’t know of. All in all, I don’t think it really matters. What does matter is that my mind was brought to feel and think as a different individual. This is an extremely powerful experience. I reached a level of bounding and sympathy I didn’t believe I was physically capable of. Achieving such a strong connection with your own ancestors helps you breaking through your schemes of individuality and feel part of something bigger, meaningful and profound. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way but I personally was amazed by the significance of this experience. Of course, that was just my journey.

Elisa Bernasconi Milan, Italy : 2006