What is Qigong (Chi Kung) for?

The essence of Qigong is ‘qi flow’, or ‘energy flow’. The main purpose of Qigong is for people to be healthy, full of vitality, to be free of pain & illness, to be relaxed, to have clarity of mind and to be happy in everyday life.
In the past this was common practice but over time the essence of Qigong has been lost. Shaolin Cosmos Qigong brings back the essence so that students can experience qi flow (energy flow).

This can take many years to achieve, but I am happy to say that many of my students have achieved qi flow within 12 weeks. This means that they can access the deeper benefits of that of the past-masters rather than that of gentle physical exercise.

What is Qigong (Chi Kung)?

Chi Kung literally translated means Energy Art. If we expand on this point we could broaden the perspective to The Art of Manifesting Internal Energy.

The old Qigong masters initially were practicing the art as Nei Kung or internal art. Over time the meaning and depth of the arts was lost.

Hence the Triple Cultivation Shaolin Cosmos Arts brings back the essence of those times. We adopt in our foundation classes, ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’, this is a good indicator that the art is still alive.

If I have a blockage can I clear it?

By practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, you can break through many blockages. Your Sifu will be at hand to guide you through your practice to give you the best possible instruction not only to generate Chi Flow but to manage it safely and gradually over time.

When Practiced regularly and by generating ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’ this, over time, will clear blockages.

I practice Kung Fu at another school, can this help with my practice?

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong will enhance whatever you already know, especially as you have background skill and experience in Martial Arts.

By practicing on a regular basis a practitioner will realise the benefits of internal force training as opposed to external force training thus reaping extended rewards & benefits.

This of course depends on the school that you train, it may be that they already teach internal martial arts, in which case I would ask, why do you need to find another school, what would be the purpose for your extended search?

If I can’t move my arm or certain parts of my body to practice Chi Kung, will it still work for me?

Yes, the wonderful thing about Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is that it is very flexible in its form. The key to success is to generate chi flow through learning techniques and skills of ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’, This is something we acquire through triple cultivation.

I have balance issues, and find when closing my eyes for the exercise that I loose balance, can I still practice Chi Kung effectively?

Yes, Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is great for balance issues! You do not need to close your eyes during practice, the important part is to generate chi flow through learning techniques and skills of ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’. This is one of the foundations in our classes for helping our students get the great benefits for this high level art.

Can I use Chi Kung to help with other ongoing therapies?

Yes, Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is complimentary as well as a complete system for health. Utilising the skills, techniques and through correct practice, students stand a high percentage of speeding up their personal recovery. This is another great benefit for our students!

How can Chi Kung help my posture?

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong can help posture over a period of time by,

1: Good ongoing home practice methods.

2: Applying the Skills and Techniques for ‘Self Manifested Chi Flow’ and

3: By following your Sifu’s instructions.

By doing this you will over time generate internal force and Vitality this enabling the bones and structure to make adjustments. I know this also form personal experience!

Can we learn high level Qigong from books?

Although books are useful, it is wiser to find yourself a qualified instructor to practice triple cultivation Qigong either on a intensive course or weekly course.

The reason being is so that, 1: The Sifu/Instructor can define details for you to practice 2: Your Sifu can give you the correct practice protocols to maximise the benefits and 3: To save deviation and malpractice of the high level arts.

What we have to remember is, by practicing Triple Cultivation Qigong we are practicing the Art of Energy, this we must remember is a high level art.

Will you run a day class?

Yes, at some point, I will but this is dependant on Student interest!

What does Sifu Mean?

What does Sifu Mean?
Sifu means teacher! In the Eastern Shaolin tradition out of respect Students to call their teachers Sifu. Sifu when extended also means, Master and Father.

I address our Grandmaster respectfully as Sigung, this is because my first Shaolin Wahnam Teacher/Sifu is a direct Student of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, or my Sifu’s Sifu.

Hence I am a generation removed from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit at my first teaching at the Shaolin Wahnam School.

My Students in turn then address our Grandmaster as Sitaigung.

So in order of 3 generations;
Your Master / Teacher / Father is : Sifu
Next Generation is Grandmaster / Grand Teacher / Grand Father : Sigung
Next is Great Grandmaster / Great Grand Teacher / Great Grandfather : Sitaigung

Can People with mobility issues do Chi Kung?

Yes, as previously mentioned the key feature is to achieve a Self Manifested Chi Flow. Even if someone is less mobile and uses a wheelchair, practicing Chi Kung in our school is still beneficial.

The time frame to achieve good results depends on the student following instructions according to circumstances and physical limitations of movement.

What is self manifested chi flow?

This is a good question! Self manifested Chi Flow is the effect of energy entering the body through the practice of triple cultivation Chi Kung. When energy is attracted into the body, it begins to sway and clear internal blockages.

This is done by practicing and following the specific instructions of the techniques and skills to make Chi Flow happen, It is ‘Self Manifested’ because students are taught this Art to be enable them to create chi flow for themselves.

What clothes shall we wear on the course?

It is best to wear comfortable loose clothing.

As we practice an energetic art we need to be wary of tight clothing, if it is too tight it can squeeze too hard on parts of the body and reduce or disturb the amount of chi flow through the internal body.

If a male students is topless and a female student wears a miniskirt, it could distract other students from getting into a Chi Kung state of mind. Ultimately it is best to wear sensible loose clothing.

What is Triple Cultivation?

Triple Cultivation is the practice of Physical, Energetic and Mind principles that has an accumulated effect on our Chi Kung. This is why we are so effective in our school.

By learning techniques and skills of these methods, it means we create a high chance of achieving Chi (energy) Flow, thus enhancing the benefits for Health, Vitality and Happiness.

Whats the difference between Chi Kung and Tai Chi?

The difference between Chi Kung and Tai Chi (Taiji) is, Chi Kung is practiced as individual patterns for for Health, Vitality, Happiness, Peace and Spiritual Joys. 

Tai Chu Chuan (Taijiquan) is in fact a martial art that utilises many patterns making sequences of movements.

In our school we utilise Chi Kung to enhance our Tai Chi Chuan practice for additional Flowing Energy, Internal Force and Deeper Spiritual Cultivation.

Can Chi Flow help me to relieve pain in specific areas of my body?

Yes, it can be directed to specific areas! However on the 18 Lohan Hands foundation course we will work on cleansing/clearing blockages and Self Manifested Chi Flow.

There are other more advanced levels to work on at later stages like, ‘Building’ and ‘Nourishing’. As we work on the energetic level we need to take students at a steady pace before we take them to more advanced levels.

All students will be guided during the courses to maximise the benefits of the 18 Lohan Hands.

What is the Dan tien?

The Dan tian is literally a force field or spot inside the body, about 2-3 inches below the Navel and about 2-3 inches inside.

We will learn more about this in the course content. For now though, students need not worry about what it is and what its uses are!

When you stand upright and are totally relaxed, chi or energy will naturally focus at your abdominal energy field, or dan tian.

I’ve seen on your website the word Qigong and Chi Kung, are they the same?

Yes, they are the same thing! Qigong is the original spelling but when translated into English it is said Chi Kung.

I’ve seen on your website the word Qigong and Chi Kung, are they the same?

Yes, they are the same thing! Qigong is the original spelling but when translated into English it is said Chi Kung.

You mention clearing blockages, can you elaborate?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practitioners work with energy principles. Imagine there are many rivers of energy flowing through your whole body.

Now imagine there’s a dam stopping one of the river flows. this is considered as a blockage.

These blockages can effect a person Mentally, Physically and Emotionally, hence by utilising the triple cultivation principles of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong we aim to clear these blockages through Chi Flow.

Do you Teach Genuine Chi Kung?

Teaching Genuine Qigong requires a good understanding of specific methods, skills and techniques to enable students to experience the essence of Qigong. That essence is ‘Chi Flow’.  In the classes I enable students to experience Chi Flow. If a Teacher does not understand the methods, skills and techniques to teach Students how to achieve Chi Flow, they are not genuine Teachers of Qigong. All of the Instructors in Shaoloin Wahnam are fortunate enough to have been transmitted theses methods, skills and techniques to teach the Art of genuine Qigong.
I am eternally grateful to our Grandmaster for passing on the Qigong Arts so we can pass them on to other deserving Students.

Your Prices seem high, why is that?

It was mentioned on a Social Media Platform that the Prices for Qigong (Chi Kung) were high. In reality the price reflects the honest level of Arts and teaching. Grandmaster Wong for example, took 20 years to learn and grasp the essence of Qigong. that essence is Chi Flow. As a Shaolin Wahnam Instructor I aim for our Students to get Self Manifested Chi Flow within 2 years, although many will experience it well before.

To Quote our Grandmaster;

… it is useful to know the difference between ordinary chi kung, which is usually low-level, and high-level chi kung. The difference is that ordinary chi kung takes a long time to obtain little benefit, whereas high-level chi kung takes a short time to obtain a lot of benefit. The forms, or techniques, may be the same. It is the skills that make the difference.

In fact, what a student gets for the price is worth more than what they pay for.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
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