Qigong Testimonials

☯ K Per – 2019
Chi Kung is such a powerful art and this class is so thorough. The exercises coupled with the way in which they were taught gave me such a deeper understanding of how Chi Kung can help day to day life. For me it was clearing my mind of thought which helped calm me when I was feeling anxious and also when pain was keeping me awake. Sifu James explains it all with such detail and patience. The health benefits were obvious. Would highly recommend this this class. Excellent teaching. Thank you ☺

☯ Selma Crawley – 2019
Just completed the 12 week beginners Chi Kung course. James is an excellent teacher – kind, clear & patient as well as a very experienced practitioner of Qigong. He was always happy to answer questions and review patterns. I feel I gained a solid grounding over the 3 months that have allowed me to practise confidently at home.

☯ Denise Vallance – 2019
At 65 and no spring chicken I needed something which was not too hard going on the body and this was perfect. Great beginners course and I have signed up for the new course in September. Instructions geared to individual progress and not rushed. Very easy to follow instructions both at lessons and when doing it at home. Benefited physically and mentally. All done at my own pace. So much more to learn and enjoy.

☯ Dev – 2019
An excellent introduction to this chinese art form. Sifu James is an Instructor that will share his many years of experience with you in a heartbeat. I found the techniques very calming and the exercises (forms) aren’t overly strenuous no matter your physical conditioning. If learning how to calm your mind, relax your body and be at one with yourself have become priorities for you in an age of fast food, rush hours and digital overload, I really recommend this course.

☯ Soraia – 2019
The course was great and delivered at a good pace to the group. I enjoyed the fact that we go from stillness to physical form then to stillness again. This made it easier for me to learn to be more mindful and achieve a meditative state.

☯ Hus H – 2019
Fantastic teaching – very detailed, accessible and patientiently delivered. I particularly enjoyed all the background info on the history and the health benefits of chikung, and why the methods used in this school are so well suited to health and longevity in modern times. A very gentle pace that even my grandmother could do, but don’t be fooled, the skills acquired are amazingly potent with regular practice. Thoroughly enjoyable and valuable – have already recommended to others.

☯ Mr S Hussain – 2019
Since learning the very basics of Chi Kung from James I have been surprised by the results as I was initially very sceptical about the power of Chi.

James very patiently taught me the steps of a Chi Kung practice called ‘lifting the sky’ and i am addicted to the move now performing this twice a day and the results are a vitality I never had before. I sleep more deeply and I had stiff joints around my elbows which are now gone. I’m certain these steps taught by James have caused these great results. I am very grateful to Chi and James .

☯ Marta  – Aug 2019
I’d never tried anything like Chi Kung before but after attending the free introductory talk I was very motivated to start. The exercises are enjoyable and gentle and taught stage by stage in bite size pieces making it very easy to learn. The teacher, James encourages questions and is very patient and attentive to all the students. The atmosphere is very inviting and friendly which is really important to me. There’s lots of supporting material sent to you after each lesson, for example, videos and emails, so that you can practice what you learn in your own time. I’ve practised for 10-15 minutes every day at home and the benefits to my health and wellbeing are gradual but very noticeable. It’s helped me to clear my mind of runaway thoughts, helped me relax and become better at handling stress. The relaxation/meditation techniques taught can be applied in everyday life, like when you are in the office or on a crowded tube, where nobody would know what you are doing and it helps me nip anxiety in the bud before it builds up. What I like about this school is that we’re not just taught Chi Kung movements but also other skills and techniques for physical, mental and emotional relaxation which all comes together to encourage the natural flow of chi energy around the body that ultimately is essential for good health.


◉ Do you lack time in your day?
Learning Shaolin Cosmos Qigong brings the great benefit of Vitality and Clarity of Mind. This alone will enable you to manage your time more efficiently and will give you more time for yourself and your loved ones.

◉ Are you fed up with exercise Classes that provide little or no real health benefits?
Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is very simple to learn and gives remarkable results.

 How can simple exercise give such great benefits?
What you learn in the Classes are the Skills and Techniques to be able to achieve Qi Flow or Energy Flow, this is the essence of Qigong. The qi flow is the key to Qigong success this enables us to achieve greater benefits than most other schools struggle to find.

Qi flow (energy flow) is the effect of energy entering the body through the practice of qigong . When energy is attracted into the body it enhances the bodies systems to balance the person in a holistic way, thus it has great benefits for physical, emotional and mental health.

◉ I have been to Qigong classes before, why is this different?
As mentioned above I apply specific skills and techniques to enhance Qi Flow. Most schools practice debased forms of Qigong and do not achieve Qi Flow. Because of this they miss the essence and art of genuine Qigong and hence they get very little in the way of benefits.

◉ The class is too far!
This tells the Master that an individual lacks self commitment.  Some merely browse over words and lack real understanding of  genuine Qigong, this is because they think they can find Qigong in any School.

With an open mind and trust, the deserving students find the right master. Those students who realise the benefits will genuinely make the effort.

To Quote our Grandmaster;

”… it is useful to know the difference between ordinary chi kung**, which is usually low-level, and high-level chi kung.”

The difference is that ordinary chi kung takes a long time to obtain little benefit, whereas high-level chi kung takes a short time to obtain a lot of benefit. The forms, or techniques, may be the same. It is the skills that make the difference

(**Please note that Grandmaster Wong uses the word ‘Chi Kung’ instead of ‘Qigong’, this is purely for the convenience of the phonetics in the English language.)

◉ Can I use Qigong (Chi Kung) to help with other ongoing therapies?
Yes, Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is complimentary as well as a complete system for health. Utilising the skills, techniques and through correct practice, students stand a high percentage of speeding up their personal recovery. This is another great benefit for our students!

◉ I practice Kung Fu at another school, can this help with my practice?

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong will enhance whatever you already know, especially as you have background skill and experience in Martial Arts.

By practicing on a regular basis a practitioner will realise the benefits of internal force training as opposed to external force training thus reaping extended rewards & benefits.

This of course depends on the school that you train, it may be that they already teach internal martial arts, in which case I would ask, why do you need to find another school, what would be the purpose for your extended search?

Qigong Testimonials
Students Practice the 18 Lohan hands

◉ I have been to classes before and they have seem to have lots of students, sometimes I can’t see the instructor. What are your classes like?

My personal preference is to teach smaller more intimate classes and if needed I will limit the numbers. This means my students get a more individualised focus class so they can learn the deeper aspects of Qigong. My focus is to teach high level quality classes to maximise the students benefits.

If too many people apply for the course, student intake will work on a first come first serve basis.

◉ What happens if I miss a class?
When any student misses a class I often pass on relevant information for them to practice at home. I usually send an email and a video link on a weekly basis of what was learnt in the class. Students who miss class find this very useful and are well prepared for the following weeks class.


◉ Do you come from a credible school?
Yes, our Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is a 4th Generation Grandmaster from the Southern Shaolin Temple in China. We have a rich and rewarding lineage with several genuine links to the Shaolin Arts and other well respected masters of the Qigong Arts. The Shaolin Wahnam School has about 60,000 students world wide, we address them all with respect and as Shaolin Wahnam Family Members.

◉ Who is your Teacher?
My Teacher is Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, he has dedicated his life to bringing back the Shaolin Arts of Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu and Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chaun). Sadly much of the arts are debased and grossly misunderstood hence he has chosen to bring integrity and the essence back to life for deserving students to be healthy, to have vitality, to have longevity, to be proficient in self defence and to enhance spiritual cultivation.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

In 1997 Grandmaster Wong was awarded Qigong Master of the Year at the Second World Congress on Qigong that was held in San Francisco, he has also written several popular books that include ‘The Art of Qigong’, ‘The Complete book of Tai Chi Chuan’ and ‘The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu’


◉ The benefits and real results of Students when  practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong.

To help with long term illnesses
To help build vitality for everyday living
To help eliminate body toxins
To help Insomnia
To help balance issues
To help balance blood pressure
To help physical relaxation
To help inner peace and calm the mind

To enhance & strengthen the immune system
To enhance & build Internal force for martial Arts
To enhance & boost energy levels for sporting activities and active lifestyles
To enhance everyday time management

To help mental and emotional imbalances like Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Low self esteem and confidence.

To enhance Spiritual Cultivation regardless of culture, race or religion

Course Aims

Reasonable Course Aims

To learn the Skills & Techniques of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong.

☯  To learn how to Generate Qi flow (Energy Flow).

☯  For Students to become proficient at learning on their own using one or more of the  Qigong exercises taught.

◉ Benefits of Qi flow

Cleansing, Clearing Blockages, attain Good Health, Vitality & Clarity of Mind, and enhance Spiritual Cultivation.

The best outcomes for Good Health & Vitality is progressive practice.

At more advanced stages students will build internal force & maintain harmonious energy flow.

Potential to move onto more advanced Qigong and to learn internal aspects of Tajiquan & Kung Fu

Sifu James

Final note!
What I teach is not regular Qigong, it is a highly effective art that gives great benefits. I often tell students that they have found the needle in the haystack and although they hear me say the words, it is only later they make that realisation.

Sifu James
January 2020